The graduate program in Medicine and Health (PPgMS) of the Medicine Faculty of Bahia – Federal University of Bahia (UFBA) for more than 30 years hás been forming qualified professors and researchers, and thus contributing to teaching improvement and research in the country. Although in its initial conception this graduate hás been planned to form exclusively masters in medicine, for more than 10 years also doctors, and is multidisciplinary. PPgMS hás the growing professionals participation from various health areas, and continues to advance in its mission of forming masters, doctors and stimulating interest in research among undergraduate students in the health area.
The program curriculum is composed of disciplines that stimulate the graduate to develop critical spirit in the evaluation of scientific papers, appropriate use of the methodology in the projects and consistent analysis of the results, so that it can publish them in journals of excellent scientific level. The disciplines use methodologies that favor the knowledge, development and enhancement of the skills of the graduate students as future professors, enabling the integration between graduate and undergraduate students.
In partnership with the Federal University of Campina Grande – UFCG, Paraíba, we formed 20 students from the Interinstitutional Doctoral Program (DINTER), recommended by CAPES.
Students graduated fromPPgMShavebecomeprofessors in varioushealthareas: medicine, nursing, nutrition, physiotherapy etc. The vastmajorityof its scientific works have deserved national and international recognition, due to the important contributions to understanding and solving health problems. The international insertion and recognition of PPgMS can also be demonstrated by the frequency with which the program professors act as visiting professors and researchers in universities abroad, and by the frequency with which the program receives Visiting professors from international universities.