Change to Doctoral Level


According to the internal rules of the graduate program in medicine and health, students may apply for the internal transfer (level change) of the master's degree to the doctorate of the same program, provided that it meets the following requirements: 

  • Have fulfilled 12 months of academic activity in the master's degree; 
  • Have the proposed thesis project for original analysis; 
  • Have at least 01 (one) article published in a journal with an impact factor greater than 1 (one), being related to the subject of the dissertation; 
  • Not having reprobation in disciplines; 
  • Have the detailed craft forwarded by the Advisor to the collegiate of the PPgMS. 
The student will carry out the qualification exam with the presence of the advisor, where the maturity, productivity, performance in the disciplines and the standard of excellence in the implementation project are considered. 
The examining board, through the consensual opinion of its members, when conducting the qualification examination of the master, will forward an opinion to the PPgMS, indicating or not the promotion of the student for the doctoral course. 
The collegiate will approve or not the student promotion for the doctoral course. 
For every student who obtains the level change  for the doctorate, will be required in addition to the criteria of level change, a published article originated from the thesis in journal with Impact factor greater than 1 (one) until the doctoral qualification. 
All the necessary documentation for the level change request is delivered to the PPgMS secretariat at least one month in advance, bound in a spiral of 03 lanes. 


Detailed office of the advisor requesting the change of level; 
Original doctoral thesis project; 
Curriculum Lattes updated with proof of the article originated from the dissertation, as well as documents that prove maturity and productivity; 
School transcript of the master's degree. 
The maximum period of titration will be 48 (48) months and the starting date will be the date of enrollment in the master's degree.  
For scholarship holders, the rules of the funding agencies at the time of the request for the level change are in effect, we do not guarantee the scholarship  in the change of level.