Advocacy and Qualifications


Guidance for Conducting the Examination of Qualification and Public Defense and Constitution of the Examining Broad

  1. To apply for QUALIFICATION and DEFENSE, the student must been rolled in the disciplines of MED 794-qualification exam for doctorate and MED 797 – Work of completion for doctorate and master in the required semester;
  2. It Will be the responsibility of the Student and advisor definition of the examination broad with previously scheduled date and time;
  3. To be delivered to PPgMS secretariat, the printed and bound versions in spiral, accompanied by the qualification termor defense, duly completed and signed, atleast 30 days in advance, and the same will provide room reservation, multimídia material, necessary documentation and disclosure;
  4. The student is responsible for delivering a copy of the dissertation and the sisto each member of the examination broad. The deadline for thisis 30 days before the date of qualification/defense; Any other agreement is the responsibility of the advisor and the guiding; The coordination of the programme Will not lead to changes in the time of delivery of the work;
  5. To schedule the qualification and defense exam, the student must give the program secretariat the form for qualification or defense of thesis or dissertation (model on the site), with the signature of the advisor and with all the complete information. This item corresponds to the deposit with the program and the delivery of this form must take place at least 30 days before the qualifying stand;
  6. In referral terms, there is the amount of the members of the banking for qualification and defence, as well as the copies quantity to be delivered.


The student must deliver two (02) final versions in hardcover, white color, containing spine, examining board, catalographicrecordandone (01) CD version with the PDF file and word, as well as the post-defense student form CAPES found on the site in forms.

Important Observation

All forms and templates required to comply with the procedures described here in are available at this link